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Before You Start To The Lycian Way

Museums and Historical Sources / müzeler ---> in turkish

If you like a glimpse of the art of Lycia before you come, visit harpy tombs the nereid monuments and the tomb of payava in the british museum.

Maps / Harita --> in turkish

A map of lycia  at the scale of 200 000:1 prepared by sabri aydal, is for sale in antalya museum. see the website for forther information.

GPS Data

Volunteers have gathered waypoints for most of the route. if you visit the website you will find the files ready for downloading to your own GPS. Satellite reception is good over most of the route and the points are accurate to within about 10m

 Waymarking / Yol işaretleri ----> in turkish

The route is waymarked in red and white and sighposted in green and yellow. [ See the waymarking system] whis is rougly equivalent to the french randonnee marking, except that as far as possible routes are marked on rocks, not trees. The Lycian Way is the firs waymarked route in turkey. it is maintained by volunteers. The waymarks are sometimes damaged and in this case, the path may be re- routed.

When to Walk - Climate / Hava----> in turkish

The climate in turkey allows you for walking on this route for most of the year, although the effects of global warming have made it diffucult predict rainy periods. The rainy season can start at any time for early november to late december. Rainy spells can be prolonged snf sometimes quite violent, particulary around new year.

February usually brings an interlude in the rain / yağmur-->turkish and provides some of the best walking weather. The air is cool/ Serin ---->turkish, the peaks above about 1.500 m sparkling with snow / kar ---> turkish and the inhabitants of the seaside towns at a minimum. Rain usually restarts sometime in march and continues through april but not with the force of the autumn storms and often blows over quickly in the keen spring winds. Mid- may brings clear skies and an instant rise in temperature . there is usually no rain expect for an occasional thunderstorman august is too hot to walk unshaded sections of the walk.



Turkey is land of contrasts between plateau and coast, mountains and plain, modern and traditional, religius and secular. Before the turks themselfs arrived, ancient civilisations from east and west clashed or blended here. The resulting contrasts are fascinating enigma to many visitors. Cities teem with young fashionable people, high rise buildings, fast cars and fast food. The Aegean and mediterranean coasts have their share of five star hotels where you could have a luxurious holiday in a cosmopolitian atmosphere. but outside the towns and coastral strip, there is another side to turkey.

Many people who come here on package holidays are antranced by the beauty of the mountains and the vivacious and friendly personality of the turks. They may be lucky enough to see in the villages a lifestyle which has not changed for centuries. They are also astonished at thr abundant evidence of past civilations. the countryside is networked by the roads and tracks these civilitations left behind. Some lie abondoned, some are in current use as footpaths or mule tracks between villages. They all beckon the walker to new experiences set against a stunningly beutiful landscape and in the heart of an overwhelmingly friendly culture.


Lycia is the historical name of the teke peninsula, which is the bump on turkey's sout coast between the cities of fethiye ant Antalya. It is in the western termanation of the toros mountains , curl in a double arc around the central plateau and dominate the coast. The muntains rise sheer out of the see on the western side , slightly more dually on the east so the gradients on the coastal slopes precluled road- buildings until the coast road was completed in 1988.
    Three rivers cut the area from north to south and leave great alluvial deltas on the south coast. These deltas and the inland plain are the foundation of the area's current prosperity, for they provide most of tomatoes and other vegetables and fruit for the markets of istanbul an beyond. In ancient times, the area lived from farming wheat , olives and goats and from the vast timber resources of the interior.